What Qualities are Best to Have as a Developer

Property DeveloperNot everyone is cut out to be a developer. Developing property can at times be duanting and highly pressured when things go wrong ( and they do). You’ll need to be fairly robust and not mind the odd hardship when cash flow is tight. This means being able to focus on the problems that need your attention when a wall is missing or a tradesman hasn’t turned up.

Being organised and posessing the ability to deligate to the right people are the best qualities in any developer.

In fact you’ll need a pretty cool and focused attitude to the whole process. In my experience it’s those that can plan well that avois the stomach ulcers. If you’re a good planner and list writter, chances are you’ll make a great Developer. Being able to consume tasks from early in the morning until late at night can only be done if you’ve got a schedule , plans and you keep to it!

I’ve seen teenagers buy at auction and I’ve seen pensioners get into developing.

The truth is you don’t need to be a construction expert (although a basic knowledge would help), nor do you have to be a financial Whizz. You just need to see beyond the building site and see the vision and have the tenancity to see it through.