Top Property Development Lessons

Property DevelopmentI was never much of a reader when I started to develop property back in my 20′s but I did read a couple of books to help me figure things out. If I was to take a walk back in time, to say 1993 there’s probably a few thing’s I’d like to say to my younger self.
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What to look for in a Development Property

Property DevelopmentMost people looking to buy a property will want to visit it first. Many will have done some research before their initial viewing – typically, resent sold prices, google street view etc. But what should you look for when you’re at your first viewing?
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Four Reasons why you should become a Property Developer

Property DeveloperBecome a property developer and your life instantly fills up with stress and strain. So why do so many people take the plunge and become a property developer? Here I try to list the four main reasons why developing property can be the best move you can make. But be warned property development isn’t for the fait hearted. Borrowing large sums of capital can be risky and in some cases people can become bankrupt owing money back for the rest of their life. But if you understand the risks and you’re prepared to see hardship and the stresses and strains that being a property developer can bring you  an amazing lifestyle, if you’re prepared to knuckle down and deliver.
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Finding Empty Homes to Develop

Empty HomesLet’s be honest, an empty home is simply a waste and I’ve never got my head around why they exist. We live on a tiny island where planning laws ensure that property price remain amoungst the highest in the world. According to Recent council tax statistics there are 710,000 empty homes in the UK. Nearly 70,000 of these are in London. A place where house prices and rental prices make most people winse.

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Avoid Property Developer Mistakes

Property DeveloperMaking mistakes as a property developer can be devastating and can leave you bankrupt and broke for life. We all think we can make money from property when our houses have risen in value but wait. If you are serious about making profit from property there are some important lessons to learn.
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Auction Properties

Auction PropertiesAsk anyone who has brought from an auction and they’ll tell you that the main reason they brought was because of the difference in price. At auctions you don’t get the Estate agent’s telling you how much the competition want it or the facts it’s under offer. The truth is Auction properties attract developers, investors and owners because of 1 thing – they are typically cheaper. I’ve seen properties go for 33% less that their private treaty counterparts.

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How to make money from property

Property DevelopmentSo here is the big question, “how to make money from property”!

I’m not going to gloss over this or give you some easy to follow formula that will guarantee unbelievable wealth. Every Property developer I’ve ever met has had more than their share of stress. But, making money from property is possible if you know what to look for and how to manage a project. I’ve been developing for over 20 years now and I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes. I’ve brought too high and I’ve sold too low. I’ve spent too much and I’ve also not spent enough! Over those 20 years I’ve always learn from my mistakes. So whilst this formular might not work for everyone, if I was to go back to 1993 and give myself some advice, this would be it.

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Raising finance for your Development Project

Property Development FinanceBeing a property developer carries considerable risk that normal employees know nothing about. The greatest of these risks is the need to borrow in order to finance your project. If you are uncomfortable with borrowing large amounts then property development probably isn’t for you.

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